by Rab Bruce’s Spider

What a day that was! First we had Theresa May driving a coach and horses through all the Better Together rhetoric of “We love you, Scotland!" and “Lead the UK, don’t leave it!" by stating categorically that she didn’t care what Scots want regarding Brexit, the majority in England want out of the EU, so Scots will be out too. Without any apparent sense of irony or self-awareness, she then went on to say that divisive Nationalists will not break up a valued Union.

Then we had Ruth Davidson, allegedly a woman who believes she can be First Minister of Scotland in 2021, telling an audience of her English paymasters that Scots are no better than vandals and thieves. Someone ought to tell her that a country’s leading politician really shouldn’t denigrate her citizens quite so brazenly.

And, in what must be a huge disappointment to fans of Monty Python, John Cleese took to Twitter to ask why the English media (not the British media, you’ll note) is run by so many “Half educated tenement Scots". He then went on to assert that Scots must be xenophobic because English journalists don’t run Scottish newspapers.

It is true that comedy has often trod a fine line between being humorous and being offensive but John Cleese, undoubtedly one of the 20th Century’s comedic geniuses, has crossed that line and shown himself to be little more than a racist bigot.

Can’t you just feel the love, Scotland?