by Rab Bruce’s Spider

I had an argument with a couple of Unionists the other week. In response to their assertions that Theresa May is the sort of strong Prime Minister the UK needs, I stated that, according to the definition in my dictionary, she can be regarded as a Fascist, i.e. an extremely Right Wing authoritarian with nationalistic views.

to be honest, I said it in exasperation at their unwillingness to believe there is anything wrong with the state of UK politics but the past couple of days have, unfortunately, proved me rather more correct than I want to be.

Since coming to power in 2010, the Tories have become increasingly Right Wing, far more so than even their predecessors in the Conservative Party. They have, of course, been aided by a Right Wing media which portrays their views as normality and paints anyone with opposing views as some sort of loony Left Wing extremist. Thanks to this prevailing attitude in the media, the Tories have been getting away with blatant hypocrisy almost unchallenged.

Like so many evil things, the route to Fascism is taken with small steps. It began with the lie that the Tory Party was adopting the correct economic strategy to tackle what was portrayed as Labour’s disastrous financial legacy. This has been countered by many leading economists and by the simple and very checkable fact that the UK’s debt has doubled under the tory Government. Despite this failing policy which has seen increases in poverty, a widening of the equality gap, the loss of the UK’s Triple A credit rating and one of the worst economic recoveries in the world, the Tories still peddle the line that their way is the right way and few in the media bother to point out that they are, in fact, dragging the country into another economic slump which is only being aggravated by the Brexit vote.

Since Theresa May took charge, though, things have rapidly degenerated. Buoyed up by the knowledge that the media will not challenge them but will simply repeat their Press Releases as if they are gospel truths, the Tories have become emboldened far more quickly than any sane person would expect. It is a horrifying thought that, in comparison to May’s Government, David Cameron and George Osborne can be viewed as relatively benign.

In recent days we’ve seen Ruth Davidson claim that the SNP deliberately stir up anti-English sentiment when all the evidence points to the exact opposite. We’ve also seen David Mundell assure us that there will be a Team UK approach to the Brexit negotiations as long as Scotland understands that Westminster is the team Captain and will make all the decisions without consultation.

It is worth bearing in mind that both Davidson and Mundell were pro-EU during the Brexit campaign but both have sacrificed their principles to unite behind the Leave stance and are now proudly insisting that all the economic problems we face are the fault of the SNP and that things would certainly be much worse for Scotland should the citizens be stupid enough to vote to leave the UK.

But those things, annoying as they are, are merely the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been hearing for months about May’s intention to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights but things have taken a much darker turn in the past couple of days.

According to the speeches made at the Conservative Party Conference, Brexit now means a Hard Brexit in order to preserve the UK’s borders and control immigration. The Tories, it seems, have decided to out-UKIP UKIP by lurching even further to the Right in their hatred of foreigners.

In order to realise just how deep this xenophobia goes, you need only look at the case of Doctors. Theresa May has said that foreign Doctors practising in the UK will be allowed to remain only until British Doctors can be trained to replace them.

Just think about that for a moment. Doctors are coming here, helping to cure people, saving lives with their skills, and they are being told that their time in the UK is limited because they’ll be chucked out as soon as a British citizen is competent enough to replace them.

To ensure this programme of ethnic cleansing goes ahead, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, has told British medical students that he will fine them if they have the temerity to train in the UK and then seek work abroad. Never mind trying to broaden your experience, you must stay in the UK because we need to get rid of those nasty foreign doctors.

Foreign students have also been a long-standing target. They are welcome to study in the UK since they pay very expensive fees to do so but they’d better not harbour any thoughts of staying here and contributing to our society once they have finished their studies. Get your degree and then get out because we don’t want your sort here.

But it’s not just the domestic scene the Tories have their eyes on. We were informed that the UK intends to go into its next war with its soldiers no longer answerable to the Human Rights Convention. That’s an awful statement on a couple of levels. First of all it assumes there will soon be another war which, to be fair, is probably a certainty given the UK’s proud history of attacking other countries for the flimsiest of reasons. Secondly, our soldiers will be free to carry out pretty much any act of violence they fancy against civilians without any fear of comeback. Now, we must be careful not to paint every service man and woman as a violent psychopath who would torture innocent civilians but the evidence suggests that there are those in the British Services who are not averse to carrying out acts of torture. The reason the MoD have pushed for this change in the law is that they have been compelled to pay out millions of pounds in compensation to victims of British brutality in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s bad enough but the Tory response to solve the problem is unconscionable. To announce to the world that your troops are to be given carte blanche to do whatever they fancy when they invade another country is quite appalling.

Unbelievably, things got even worse as the Tory conference continued. Liam Fox, himself a descendant of Irish immigrants, has refused to give any assurances as to the fate of EU nationals living and working in the UK. They are, according to him, one of the UK’s best cards in the upcoming negotiations. They are not, you will note, viewed as people but merely as pawns to be exploited by the UK Government. What sort of message does this send to these people who are contributing to our society, to the EU negotiators and to the millions of UK citizens who live in other EU countries? The human consequences of such a stance don’t bear thinking about.

But then came the coup de grace. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, announced that firms will be required to publish lists of the foreign nationals they employ in order that they can be shamed into employing more British citizens.

Yes, that’s right. Non-UK citizens are to be treated as a class apart.

What, one is entitled to ask, will be next?

All of this is to be done in the name of patriotism. Anyone who does not support these views will be deemed unpatriotic. There is, according to Theresa May, nothing wrong with patriotism but that’s only as long as it is British patriotism which is, of course, superior to any foreign patriotism and isn’t at all like Nationalism which is evil and divisive.

Are you seeing any similarities with 20th Century Europe here? We are not so much taking small steps towards Fascism as running there as fast as we can.

There is a great deal to be afraid of in this dystopian vision of Tory Britain and it is becoming increasingly clear that Scotland has only one chance of escaping the nightmare. That is why the Tories and their media chums are pumping out so many SNPBad stories, and why Scotland is being belittled as too wee, too poor and too stupid for us to cope on our own.

And, as anyone who dabbles in the world of social media knows only too well, the final hypocrisy of the BritNats is that it is Yessers who are frequently called Nazis.