by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Scotland must be the only country in the world where there is any debate over whether it should produce its own News programme. That is, of course, a symptom of the One Nation attitude of the BBC and the unionist media. Quite frankly, though, it doesn’t really matter because a Scottish Six (as it is usually known) won’t be much good anyway.

There are a couple of reasons for this even if we discount the ludicrous claims by the likes of David Torrance and others that, and I paraphrase here, Scots are not genetically programmed to operate difficult machinery like television cameras and would be incapable of producing a News programme.

No, the practical difficulty is that BBC Scotland is ultimately controlled from London. Without its own network of dedicated news crews and equipment, it will rely on BBC London to provide many of its international and UK reports. Unless there is a massive boost in funding and BBC Scotland is given complete autonomy, the News will still be largely local with everything else being beamed in from London.

Then there is the political angle. The simple fact is that the BBC do not want a Scottish Six to succeed. The BBC is part of the UK State and promotes the UK at every opportunity. If BBC Scotland were to successfully produce an independent News show which genuinely provided Scottish and international news from a Scottish perspective, it would completely undermine the BBC’s role as protector of the Union.

Not that there is much danger of this because, unless there is a massive change in personnel, the pro-Union bias will remain and Scottish News will be dominated by the usual Cringe.

So, all in all, even if a Scottish Six does come about, I won’t be turning to it as my main source of information.