by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Arron Banks is a wealthy businessman who largely funded UKIP’s anti EU campaign. Judging by his comments on social media, he has all the attitudes one would expect from a UKIP supporter.

His latest target is Scotland. It appears he is quite liberal in his attitudes to foreigners and counts Scots among those he dislikes. Indeed, his dislike has reached the stage where he is now mooting the idea of England having a referendum to evict Scotland from the UK.

Before you dismiss the idea as daft, bear in mind that Arron Banks effectively bankrolled Brexit. He got his way on that, so there is no reason why, in time, he could not make this seemingly bizarre idea a reality.

Let’s hope he does. Can you imagine it?

What would the campaigns look lie? Let’s call them “Scotland Must Stay" and, politely, “Get Lost, Scotland!".

The Get Lost campaign would bring out all the usual stereotypes of Scottish scroungers which Ruth Davidson is so fond of; they would call for Hadrian’s Wall to be rebuilt, completely ignoring the fact that this would put a sizeable chunk of Northern England into Scottish territory; and they’d play the race card because that’s UKIP’s main weapon. It would be distasteful in the extreme and might irritate even ardent No voters.

But it would be the Stay campaign which would be most interesting. No doubt they’d play the history card, harping back to more than three centuries of Union, because living on dreams of the past is what Unionists do best, and we certainly shouldn’t underestimate the appeal of the old Imperial mindset which still holds sway over many people in England.

But the intriguing thought is that the barrage of Subsidy Myth statements from the get Lost campaign might force the Stay campaign to reveal Scotland’s true value to the UK. To counter the Scrounger claims, they’d need to tell the truth about the subsidy myth. People in England might actually need to be told that the UK could not afford to lose Scotland in financial terms.

So, if such a referendum ever does happen, the result really doesn’t matter all that much. If the vote is to evict Scotland, then that’s great, although there would no doubt be a period of severe economic and political upheaval since such an eviction is unlikely to lead to a harmonious split.

But if the Stay campaign were to win after being forced to tell the truth, it would make the next Scottish IndieRef so much easier for Yes to win because even the fearties would have learned the truth about Scotland’s wealth.

It’s all just “What if?" speculation, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to dream.