by Shona

I know some people might think this idea is silly but I keep thinking it might be the best route for Scotland to become an independent nation again and I wanted to share it.

I know there isn’t really much chance that Brexit can be stopped but you never know. If the Westminster parties ever do give in to the calls for a second EU referendum, the chances are that Remain would win this time around. Scottish voters may be fed up of voting where their votes don’t count, but we need to make sure that Scotland votes decisively for Remain if we are given the chance.

Then, with the threat of Brexit removed, there will probably be another General Election because Theresa May’s credibility will be worth even less than it is now. I think the SNP should stand on a manifesto pledge to negotiate for independence if they win a majority of the Westminster seats. So, thirty or more SNP MPs means the people of Scotland want independence. I know some people think we need a referendum but if Westminster say no to that, we would be stuck, so why not use Westminster’s own voting system to our own advantage?

I know negotiations will be difficult, but doing it this way will mean that the ridiculous threat of a hard border cannot be used to scare people into voting against independence. If Brexit is stopped, England cannot refuse to trade with a fellow member of the EU. And don’t think Scotland will be kicked out. We may need a little time to set up our own central bank and currency but the EU will surely not deprive us of our citizenship and trading rights while we go about establishing the things we need. With the hard border threat gone, Unionists have no arguments left.

I suppose some people will argue that cancelling Brexit means there is no reason to leave the UK but that isn’t so at all. The past two years have surely proved that Scotland has no voice in the UK and that Westminster despises us. The attempted power grab and the exclusion from negotiations confirm that Scotland is viewed by Westminster as nothing more than a source of resources. They want our oil, our whisky, our taxes, our food, but they don’t want us to have a say in how those things are used.

Cancelling Brexit is the best thing for everyone in Britain. I don’t want the people of England to suffer because of the greed of some rich Brexiteers, but I don’t want the government of England to control Scotland either. With the proof of Brexit as an example, we can show the people of Scotland that there is a better way.