by Rab Bruce’s Spider

One of the less desirable consequences of the political upheaval we are going through is that the levels of incompetence, blatant falsehoods and sleaze are turning people off. Scotland’s IndieRef may have galvanised interest in politics but, for far too many people, politics is only of interest when a vote is required. Even then, turnout levels can be disappointingly low.

So the question today is whether very many people in Scotland will even notice that the Scotland Act 1998, which established the Scottish Parliament, is under threat thanks to a vote in the House of Commons. The Great Power Grab continues, and we are now facing the very real prospect of seeing an end to Devolution. If UK Ministers can alter the provisions of the act, or even abolish it altogether, Scotland will be chained ever more firmly to Westminster.

So, the Vow which promised that the Scottish Parliament would be made permanent was most definitely a lie, along with all the other lies we were fed. If you voted No because you believed those lies, or indeed for any other reason, then you made a big mistake. Unfortunately, since the Scottish Government needs to beg permission from Westminster to hold another IndieRef, it may yet prove to be a mistake which cannot be reversed without extremely drastic solutions.

And if you voted Tory in the recent General Election then you made an even bigger mistake, because those 13 Tory MPs have stood up for Scotland by voting for Westminster to have the power to do whatever it likes with the Scottish Parliament.

Voting has consequences, and we all need to live with those consequences. This is why it is important that people remain engaged with politics no matter how frustrating it may be to watch the idiocy of Brexit and the hypocrisy of Unionism. If we don’t remain engaged, we risk losing our very future.