by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Last week’s poll results suggesting that Brexit would result in a majority of Scots supporting independence and an even larger majority of people in Northern Ireland supporting unification with the Republic does raise an interesting topic.

Because the vote percentages alter if Brexit is called off. Now, there is no doubt that Brexit is a calamity in the making, and calling it off would be the sensible thing to do. But even if that happens – and it looks increasingly unlikely – does that really mean that a fairly significant portion of people would be happy to remain with the status quo?

I’m not talking about the hardline Unionists here. The Council By-election in Dalgety Bay demonstrates that some people will vote Tory no matter what opinions their candidate might express, but the opinion poll clearly shows that some people are prepared to change their minds about independence solely on the basis of whether Brexit goes ahead or not.

OK, most people dislike change, but hasn’t the UK Government shown just how much contempt it holds for the Celtic nations of Britain? Do people really think that calling off Brexit means that the UK will return to some semblance of normality? Have they remained ignorant of the Power Grab? Have they not noticed the rampant xenophobia which has been unleashed? Have they not paid attention to Donald Trump’s antics or the rise of Far Right politicians in Europe?

To think that the likes of Nigel Farage are simply going to accept defeat if Article 50 is revoked is, I would submit, naïve. Having come so close to dragging the UK out of the EU, they will simply try again, perhaps using even more outrageous tactics than the lies and illegal campaigning which won the first vote. The Tories are now just as bad as UKIP and they are not going to suddenly become all nice and cuddly even if Brexit is called off. Having set the wheels in motion to grab power from the devolved assemblies, having launched their campaign to plaster Union flags on pretty much everything, they aren’t going to stop.

Of course, Article 50 isn’t going to be revoked unless there is a dramatic change of mind in Westminster, so this is all hypothetical, but the poll does make me wonder why so many people seem so short-sighted when it comes to politics.