By Rab Bruce’s Spider

I have a confession to make. I actually have a sneaking regard for John Major. He always struck me as a fair-minded and reasonable man who, despite his image, actually had some empathy with others. Of course, he is thoroughly steeped in the traditions of the UK, and is therefore a Unionist to his core, so I’m not going to pay much attention to his latest pontifications on Scotland or our desire to become a normal country.

But you can almost smell the fear. Scotland is moving more and more towards a desire to govern itself, so the Unionists are coming up with ever more ridiculous ideas to put hurdles in the way. Two referendums? When has that ever happened before? It would actually be more honest of him to get behind Alister Union Jack’s war cry of, "Wait at least forty years!", because that’s all John Major is trying to achieve, even though he’s making an attempt to look reasonable while doing so. He may be far to the Left of the current crop of neo-Fascists who run the UK Government, but he’s still part of the problem we are trying to escape.

And don’t even get me started on Gordon Brown’s latest intervention. The Broon Buffoon still hasn’t delivered on the promises he made in 2014, and he is becoming increasingly irrelevant except in his ability to generate anti-Indy headlines for the Scottish media.

I expect we’ll hear a lot more of this sort of thing over the coming weeks. The only good thing is that there has been a definite shift in tone from Project Fear to Project Block Indy At All Costs. They’re being quite open about it now. I do hope the Scottish Government is paying attention.