by Rab Bruce’s Spider
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I haven’t posted any comments for a while because there really hasn’t been a great deal to talk about. Yes, there has been a lot of talk, but we haven’t seen much action on any front. The media, of course, has continued to put the boot into the SNP at every opportunity, but that isn’t news; it’s par for the course.
I hope that we see some action soon. The SNP’s rearranged Convention really needs to come up with a positive plan. If it turns out to be yet another talking shop with lots of promises but no actual progress, then I fear that discontent within the Yes community will continue to grow. That is not good, and the constant bickering between supporters of the SNP and Alba is only doing the Unionists’ job for them. I know both sides feel justified in their views, but the fact that there are two sides simply plays into our opponents’ hands. There is nothing wrong with having different views, but the insults really need to stop.
Given all the bad publicity over the Police investigation, the SNP really need to step things up several gears in order to galvanise the movement. If they can come up with some definite proposals, and can turn the talk into action, then I’d like to think that a lot of the arguments will fall away as the Yes community swings into gear.
I’ll keep hoping, but I must admit it is hard when we’ve had years of promises and yet are not one step further on the road to becoming a normal, self-governing country. Let’s hope that changes soon.