by Rab Bruce’s Spider

I didn’t watch much of Dominic Cummings’ testimony because, quite frankly, I doubt it will make much difference. The main take away by BBC Scotland was that Nicola Sturgeon was at fault for not going along with the chaotic incompetence of Boris Johnson’s Government, so nothing new there from the state propaganda outlet. The SNP are very bad, and the BBC will always be there to remind us.

As for the criticisms aimed at Matt Hancock, I doubt any right-minded person would disagree with them, yet the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care seems to have successfully shrugged them off because, well, never mind the death rate, look at the vaccinations.

The big problem with Dominic Cummings is that he is Dominic Cummings. What he has said may be absolutely true in every respect, yet his every word is tainted by his background. From what I saw of his remarks, he came across as very self-serving, and the whole thing smacked of him getting his revenge in first. I was particularly struck by the fact that, even though he openly admitted he was not up to the job he had been given, he nevertheless stayed in the role for a long time, and collected a very handsome remuneration. He may have accepted some culpability for what was going on, but that was more than outweighed by his apportioning of blame to pretty much everyone else. That’s not to say that everyone else was blameless, because it’s patently clear that everyone in the Tory Government is cut from the same cloth.

The allegations he made were not really anything most people weren’t already sure of. All he did was confirm our worst suspicions about the self-serving greed and incompetence that currently passes for Government in Westminster.

Above all, I don’t think anything much will come of this because the English electorate, gulled and gaslit by the media, will simply shrug their collective shoulders and applaud the Tories for their efforts to keep foreigners out of the UK.

Hopefully, more Scots will begin to realise that the UK is dysfunctional, and will at last accept that being an independent country is normal. I do hope so, because I can’t get my head around why anyone would prefer to remain in an abnormal constitutional arrangement run by an obviously corrupt and incompetent Government.