by Rab Bruce’s Spider

What I’ve gleaned from the political news over the past few days:

Theresa May is going to delay the vote on her Brexit deal because she thinks she will lose.

Theresa May is going to keep bringing her deal back until she wins a vote. This is democratic.

Theresa May is adamant that having a second referendum is anti-democratic.

Theresa May is going back to the EU to get more concessions on her deal.

The EU says there will be no more concessions on her deal.

Labour want to negotiate a better deal.

The EU have said there is no better deal.

Labour will abstain because they don’t want to upset their members who are against Brexit.

Labour will vote for the deal claiming it is better than having no deal.

Labour will vote against the deal because it’s not good enough.

Labour think the EU and UK can negotiate trade deals with other countries on a joint basis. Everyone else says that’s nonsense.

There will be another referendum.

There won’t be another referendum.

Article 50 will be extended because there isn’t enough time to pass all the legislation required.

Article 50 will not be extended.

Cancelling Brexit remains an option.

Cancelling Brexit is not an option.

With so much contradiction and confusion, this is a time for strong and stable leadership. Instead, we’ve got Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

If only there was some way Scotland could escape this madness.