by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, has apparently accepted responsibility for not presenting amendments to the Great Repeal Bill in time, meaning that amendments which would have protected the status of the Devolved Parliaments within the UK will not be included.

It’s big of him to admit his mistake. But the question is whether it was a mistake at all. Viceroy Fluffy is currently recruiting scores of new civil servants into the Scotland Office and acquiring additional premises to house them. Others have speculated that this is in anticipation of him acquiring vast swathes of new powers once the great Repeal Bill goes through. With his new army of loyal servants, he will be able to gradually strip powers away from Holyrood, with the potential outcome that the Scotland Office will, in time, effectively reinpose direct rule.

Has Mundell offered himself up as a scapegoat in the knowledge that his reward will be a personal empire which will see him govern Scotland? One must conclude that it is either that or he really is as incompetent as he appears. Either way, the result will be the same; the Scotland Office is going to be able to overrule Holyrood once the Great Repeal Bill becomes law.

There should, of course, be outrage in the Scottish media over this. Fluffy’s position should be challenged, and we should be hearing calls for his resignation for sheer incompetence. In fact, all we hear about are flags. This is classic distraction from the unionist media, who clearly acted in concert with the fake news story on flags. Thanks to this, Mundell knew he was safe in owning up to an alleged gaffe.

So, his position is secure and his future is bright. For Scotland, not so much. Once Mundell gets his hands on power, we can look forward to such delights as fracking and the privatisation of NHS Scotland.

If this doesn’t bother you, it really should.