by Rab Bruce’s Spider

There’s been an announcement that Nicola Sturgeon will soon make an announcement about the announcement of IndyRef2. This ongoing refusal to bite the bullet and go for it has annoyed large sections of the Yes community, but it is easy to understand the reluctance when the polls refuse to shift. And if it is only the thought of Brexit which is putting some voters off, it is also easy to understand why the SNP leadership are reluctant to call for IndyRef2 until the outcome of Brexit is known.

Whether this strategy is the right one is debatable, and there are strong views being expressed both for and against. It seems, though, that we will need to be patient a little longer.

And that is an important point for Yessers who are members of the SNP to bear in mind. The cause of Scottish independence is much bigger than the SNP, but we must recognise that the SNP is the political vehicle through which independence will be gained. They’ve also been around for a long time. If you are frustrated now, imagine how previous generations have felt when, as a minority party, the SNP were a voice in the wilderness. You may disagree with the current policy, but saying you are finished supporting them is only going to make things more difficult. Where else will you lend your support? Yes, the Greens are pro-indy, but are they large enough to drive the indy movement?

And even if Nicola Sturgeon has got this very wrong, and even if there is no IndyRef2 or it produces another No result, that should not end the desire for Scotland to become a normal country. Whatever the polls say, whatever the media tells us, the mood in the country is changing, and the desire to escape the madness of the UK is growing.

Let’s keep the heid.