by Rab Bruce’s Spider

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I had the misfortune to hear a propaganda promotion on the radio the other day. An actor with a strong Scottish accent was gleefully telling us about the benefits of the UK Government’s Levelling UP agenda, mentioning how money was being pumped into Scotland. Naturally, the puff piece did not mention that the money is significantly less than we used to obtain from the EU, nor did it mention that the funds are going predominantly to Tory constituencies. But that’s how propaganda works, and with control of our media in the hands of the Union, I’m sure a great many of the uninformed and / or gullible will believe this nonsense.

As for Levelling UP, it is another Tory trick to fool people into believing they care about anything except themselves and their wealthy donors. Home Secretary James Cleverly gave the game away when he showed his utter contempt for a northern constituency where the MP was asking why so many children in his area were in poverty. Mr Cleverly muttered that it was because the place was a sh*thole, thus summing up in one contemptuous expression precisely what the Tories actually think about the vast majority of the places and people they are supposed to be governing. Poverty arises from political choices, and it is clear that the Tories simply don’t care about poor people.

Like so many things, Levelling Up will do very little to help Scotland, and it certainly won’t replace the money we have lost access to by being dragged out of the EU against our will.

As ever, it is long past time that we left this toxic Union.