by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Does anyone actually believe that Boris Johnson would have pulled out of the Tory leadership race if he really did have the requisite number of votes from MPs? Well, some BBC journalists did, but their role is to repeat Johnson’s claims without question, so they don’t really count as impartial observers.

Of course, there is always a chance that he did have the votes but had learned that the Tory membership was unlikely to vote for him, but that seems highly unlikely given his cult status among the Tory faithful. Let’s not forget that these are the same people who elected him leader initially, and who also thought Liz Truss was the best possible replacement for him despite all the evidence to the contrary.

No, I think we all understand that Boris Johnson is a liar to the core. What was funniest about this latest venture was how he once again threw a load of gullible MPs under the bus by getting them to declare their support and then deciding to quit. Some of them, naturally, immediately declared their unwavering support for Rishi sunak whose approach to the role of PM is very different to that of Johnson. It’s almost as if they are desperate for a job in the Cabinet. And, for the avoidance of doubt, I don’t think that Sunak will necessarily be better as a Prime Minister, although it would be hard to be worse. He’s just a different type of uncaring, callous Tory.

I also laughed quite hard at the claim Johnson is putting out that he decided to step down from the contest because the Party needed to be united. Allegedly, he did this out of a sense of honour. How anyone can believe that Boris Johnson has an ounce of honour or integrity is beyond me. No, his brazen attitude is quite in keeping with his usual bombastic style because he is the one who caused the disunity in the first place. He seems to think everyone will have forgotten the record number of MPs who announced that they no longer trusted him because of his appalling record of lying and cheating. Having said that, many Tory Party members do seem to have forgotten it, although perhaps they just don’t care.

As for who will win now, the Tory faithful face a difficult choice. Penny Mordant is a woman, and Rishi Sunak isn’t white, so they will need to overcome some deeply ingrained biases whoever they decide to vote for.

In the meantime, the rest of us need to struggle on in the face of inflation and the Brexit fallout. But at least the Tory leadership contest is funnier than Friday Night Live.