by Rab Bruce’s Spider

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UK Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, was doing the media rounds recently, insisting that viewers perceive bias in the BBC. Naturally, she thinks that is anti-Tory bias, and it is no coincidence that she believes GB News to be fair and impartial. This is the same Lucy Frazer who, in her maiden House of Commons speech, earned laughter and applause by telling her fellow MPs that Oliver Cromwell found a solution to the West Lothian Question by enslaving Scots and sending them to the colonies. What a nice person she must be.

Anyway, in her search for actual evidence of BBC bias, I would point out a few facts which may help her.

To begin with, how many times has Nigel Farage been a guest on BBC Question Time? And how many pro-EU MEPs have ever been on that panel? It’s less than one.

As viewers in Scotland know only too well, there are issues which go beyond perception. For example, it is a fact that BBC Scotland issues more corrections to news items than all the other BBC regional stations combined. It has also been shown that pro-Indy politicians on Good Morning Scotland are interrupted by the interviewer far more often than pro-Union politicians.

There are plenty of other examples, but I think it is sufficient to say that, while perception is important, in Scotland we have actual evidence of bias. Unfortunately, I doubt that this will fit into Lucy Frazer’s skewed view of the media landscape.