by Rab Bruce’s Spider

So the Brexit chaos continues, with some journalists triumphantly proclaiming that a No Deal crash out has been prevented thanks to Westminster passing a law saying so. The only flaw in this suggestion is that the EU have not actually agreed to extend the Brexit deadline, so Westminster may as well have passed a law saying that it has banned rainfall. Of course, the situation may have changed by the time you read this, or even by the time I’ve written it.

As for what might actually happen despite the delusions of many in the UK media, a short extension to the Brexit deadline seems unlikely since the EU have always been pretty consistent in their stance, and there is no reason for them to extend the hassle for a couple of months when nothing is likely to change. So we may see an offer of a longer extension which will put Theresa May in a real tough spot as she tries to satisfy the various factions within the Tory Party.

Meanwhile, the media continue to promote Mark Francois on the grounds that he says a lot of ridiculous things so makes for good TV. That, and the fact that he’s not yet been tainted by association with the Leave EU campaign like Boris Johnson. How long before Francois is being touted as a potential Prime Minister? Don’t laugh. It may sound as ridiculous as the man himself, but nothing is impossible in Ruritania. Sorry, I meant the UK. I keep making that mistake.

Francois has stated that, if the UK remains in the EU, it will behave like Perfidious Albion on speed. this has led some people to observe that he might not know what perfidious means, but I think he knows precisely what it means. The only real question is whether the EU would actually notice any difference.