By Rab Bruce’s Spider

It is often said that Opinion Polls are designed to influence public opinion rather than reflect them. The polling companies would no doubt deny that, but it has become clear to many of us that the way a question is worded can influence the outcome of any particular Poll. However, asking how people intend to vote on the List isn’t really capable of being anything other than a straightforward choice.

In the past few days, two Polls which have reported the support for the new Alba Party have given the figure as 3% and 6%. It is far too early to tell which of these most closely resembles the actual level of support, especially as the difference of 3% is within the statistical variation most polling companies warn about, so it will be interesting to see what the next few polls show. However, it is beginning to look as if Alba may make a dent in the number of Unionist MSPs. Personally, I’d take that, even if it does mean arch-Unionist George Galloway also getting a seat. If he does, I’m sure he’ll provide Yessers with plenty of memorable video clips as he demonstrates his love for the Union.

But, once again I need to reiterate that all the Opinion Polls in the world are meaningless unless people actually get out and vote. That’s the main priority for anyone who wants to see Scotland become a normal, self-governing country. You can be sure that those who hate the idea of Scotland not being controlled by Westminster will definitely vote no matter what. We cannot let apathy decide the future of our country, so make sure you vote.