by Rab Bruce’s Spider

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Reading the political news often makes me think that I live in a different reality to our politicians and journalists.

To begin with, I will admit that it is quite funny seeing Anas Sarwar desperately attempt to disassociate himself from the pro-Tory remarks being made by Sir Keir Starmer. Mr Sarwar deserves some credit for this, but he seems to have forgotten the earlier pronouncement by Sir Keir that what he says, Anas Sarwar says. In other words, Anas Sarwar will soon be put back in his box He might try to salvage some political kudos by making statements which are at odds with official London Labour policy, but that won’t alter the reality that he will need to toe the line when push comes to shove..

I also had a wee chuckle when I read an article on City AM insisting that Brexit wasn’t as bad as Remainers had predicted. This is apparently because the UK’s GDP has held up quite well in comparison to other EU countries. Now, this may be correct, but the article signally failed to mention other things like the far worse inflation which probably makes the GDP significantly worse in real terms. It also ignored the collapsing social services, the spiralling cost of living - mostly fuelled by energy prices, soaring levels of poverty, and did not mention that many of the checks and tariffs required as a result of Brexit have not yet been implemented because of the damage they will do to the UK economy.

On top of that, the social aspect of the abolition of Freedom of Movement will really start to be noticed when UK subjects require visas to go on holiday. Our young people have been denied so many opportunities by Brexit, and just because the UK’s GDP has slightly increased cannot disguise the huge harm Brexit has done to our society.

If Scots want to escape this madness, there is a solution. All we need is the political leadership to help us realise the goal.