by Rab Bruce’s Spider

It really is amazing how many Brexiteers seem content to put up with the economic and social implications of their vote. The huge reduction in workers coming from abroad is impacting the NHS, food is rotting in the fields, yet they don’t seem to care; businesses, especially those in the financial sector which is the UK’s main business sector, are moving abroad, yet they don’t seem to care; the UK Government is now admitting that stockpiling of food and medicines is a necessary precaution, yet they don’t seem to care.

This really ought to be a lesson to us when the next IndyRef comes along. Remember how Scots were so scared of being £10 per week worse off if they voted Yes? It was laughable at the time, and seems even more so now when you consider the impact Brexit has already had on the UK.

In fairness, we must acknowledge that the Brexiteers are showing more resolve in the face of potential calamity than 55% of Scots did in 2014. Their devotion to their cause is almost fanatical, while Scots still fret over a theoretical budget deficit and worry whether our nation could actually survive. The fact that so many other countries have survived when their situation has been far less favourable than Scotland’s circumstances simply doesn’t seem to register with far too many Scottish voters. And what far too many people still don’t seem to appreciate is that Scotland as we know it may not survive if we stick with the UK. We are nearing a crucial point in history. How we react will have consequences which will last far beyond our own lifetimes. Let’s not mess it up this time.