By Rab Bruce’s Spider

Although a lot has been happening in the political world, much of it has degenerated into in-fighting, with personalities becoming more important than the cause of independence. Recent developments within the SNP are giving huge cause for concern among many Yessers, and it is easy to see why.

Personally, I’m not all that interested in the details of who did what to whom. Those are important in a local context, but are distractions from the main goal. The big issue is what the Scottish Government intends to do to stop the power grab. At the moment, the answer seems to be a resounding, "Nothing".

Much is being made of the chance to obtain a majority of pro-Indy seats at next year’s Holyrood elections. My big fear is that this will be far too late. The gradualist approach has merit in that it portrays Scotland as having done all it can as far as the international community is concerned, but it presents a very real danger that the Westminster Tories will have completely scrapped or neutered the Devolution settlement long before we ever get to the ballot box.

Support for Indy may be at an all time high, but that will do us no good at all if that sentiment is not turned into action. As I’ve said before, Nicola Sturgeon may well have taken the moral high ground by putting things on hold during the pandemic, but we see daily evidence that the Tories do not concern themselves with morality. They are pushing ahead with their One UK policies, and nobody seems willing to do anything to stop them. The only thing that might save us is that they are so incompetent they may yet provide the Scottish Government with a chance to take Scotland out of the precious Union. Let’s hope so, because otherwise we are going to go down with the good ship Britannia and all who sail in her.