by Rab Bruce’s Spider

So there’s a new poll showing that support for independence has fallen? That’s obviously disappointing, but my main sense of disappointment is that the sheer short-sighted stupidity of far too many people. The decision whether to become a normal, self-governing country should not depend on short-term issues like the immediate effect of Brexit or the hope that the Covid pandemic will soon be manageable, and nor should it depend on which individuals hold prominent political positions. Quite simply, independence is normal, and anyone who is swayed by current political events is looking at things from a skewed perspective.

Even the current enquiry into the Scottish Government’s handling of the botched case against Alex Salmond should make no difference. Even if the SNP were the most corrupt Government in the history of the world, that should not undermine the case for independence. The whole point of becoming a normal, self-governing country is that we could vote out a corrupt Government. As things stand, the SNP gain an awful lot of support from those who want to see independence, so they seem likely to win the election in May, and I hope they do because I see no future for the Yes campaign without them. And, of course, if we do not win our independence we will always be stuck with one of the most corrupt Governments in the world having ultimate control because the Tories seem likely to govern the UK more or less permanently. How anyone can think that the current constitutional arrangement is the best we can do is beyond me.

My big worry is that the SNP leadership will view a fall in support as an excuse not to pursue IndyRef2 if they do win the election. I sincerely hope they don’t, because that would surely be their last chance as far as the Yes community is concerned.

As for those numpties who can’t see further than the end of their noses when making political decisions which will affect the future of their descendants for generations to come, let’s hope they come round to a more long-term view before it is too late.