by Rab Bruce’s Spider

I must admit I’m not paying much attention to the current election campaign. I’m told we are receiving plenty of bumf in the mail, but I can’t be bothered scanning the letters and leaflets to see what they say. Nor can I bring myself to watch any of the Leaders’ Debates on Tv.

This is not because I am not bothered about policies, but because the entire campaign is overshadowed by the constitutional issue. Until that is resolved, very few of the policy commitments have any value. Only those offered by the SNP have any realistic chance of being implemented, and I suppose they are attractive enough to entice some floating voters to put their cross in the SNP box, but the rest of them really have very little chance of becoming reality.

The other thing putting me off social media comment is that supporters (and in some cases representatives) of the SNP and Alba are spending far too much time attacking each other, often in insulting terms. I’m not taking sides in any of that because it’s not only pathetic, it distracts us from the real opponents.

The entire campaign is, I’m afraid, meaningless. We know where all the Parties stand on independence, and that is the most important issue. It needs to be resolved in favour of Scotland becoming a normal country, and it needs to be resolved soon because every single election is going to be like this until we shake off Westminster control.