by Rab Bruce’s Spider

Today’s Times has an article informing its readers that Tory grass roots activists are becoming increasingly fed up with the old order running their Party and are looking for a new, fresh face to assume control. Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ruth Davidson are mentioned as those whose popularity is such that they might well be welcomed as a new Tory leader.

Stop laughing at the back. You should know by now that nothing is too outrageous for Tories to think it is a good idea.

So, if it does come to a choice between the two, who would we prefer? Well, quite apart from the fact that Rees-Mogg has been referred to as the Honourable Member for the 18th Century who would be popular with the Hanging & Flogging brigade, wouldn’t it be great to see Colonel Davidson in charge? Can you imagine how the DUP would react to that? Can you imagine the shocked realisation of her English Tory fans when it dawns on them that she is devoid of any actual policies and doesn’t respond well to any sort of pressure, let alone the scrutiny a Prime Minister can be put under by even the Right Wing media?

Of course, having the Colonel in charge would be pretty awful for the UK, but would Rees-Mogg be any better? Would either of them be able to turn the mess that is the UK into an even greater fiasco than it already is? The Westminster Establishment has become so full of virtual clones that there is absolutely nobody capable of steering the UK back to even a semblance of normality. Don’t for one minute believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the answer. He is pro-Brexit, anti-Indy and every bit as much a member of the Establishment as any other Westminster leader. You might think that Vince Cable could offer an alternative but, apart from the fact that he might be in favour of a second Brexit Referendum, he has little to commend himself. He was part of the Austerity-obsessed Coalition Government of 2010, and he has jumped on a couple of bandwagons, including calling for Corbyn to condemn the murderous Venezuelan Government while he and his Tory pals remain silent about the UK’s love of equally murderous regimes in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The sad fact is that all of these politicians are from the same mould, and whatever happens with Brexit, the UK will continue to lurch ever further into Right Wing extremism.

Whatever your views on Scottish independence might have been in 2014, surely you must be starting to question the wisdom of chaining ourselves to such a dysfunctional State?

The only question raised by the rumblings among Tory activists is whether the UK will disintegrate sooner under May or under a new leader like Rees-Mogg or Colonel Davidson.