by Rab Bruce’s Spider

When Donalda MacKinnon was announced as the new Director of BBC Scotland in December, 2016, she acknowledged that many people had lost trust in the BBC and stated that she would work to address this and win people back. Since then, her personal presence has been virtually invisible to viewers and listeners, and her impact has been equally difficult to detect.

For example, we recently saw the BBC do their best to ignore the Holyrood debate on the Rape Clause, while continuing to churn out any story which could possibly be spun as harmful to the SNP.

In fairness to Donalda MacKinnon, it may well be that her ability to alter the BBC’s inherent bias is extremely limited, since she will be given her instructions from London. The only real question is whether she follows these instructions willingly or grudgingly. Whichever it is, the outcome is the same. The BBC continues to mislead the public, as exemplified by their inaccurate reporting of the Scottish Local Election results.

These days, it is difficult to know which sources of information to trust but one thing is clear; we cannot trust the BBC to be fair and impartial, no matter what Donalda MacKinnon says.