by Rab Bruce’s Spider

It’s Christmas, so let’s be charitable. The saga of the Gatwick drones continues to bemuse onlookers as, after shutting down the airport, deploying the Army, arresting two people whose identities were discovered by the media, then releasing them without charge, the Police now say it is possible there were no drones at all.

But, to be fair, if the Police and Gatwick authorities were told that drones had been seen over the airport and had done nothing at all, they would have been heavily criticised had any accident occurred. They were in a bit of a no win situation. Whether they handled that situation well is another matter entirely, but the whole saga is in keeping with the ongoing mess that is the UK today. NO country is immune to issues of mechanical or human failure. The weather can cause major problems for any nation on Earth, some being more badly affected than others, but only the UK seems able to create a crisis out of … well, just about anything. The way things are going, 2019 probably won’t get any better.

Except for viewers in Scotland who, hopefully, will have their own programme.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and an Independent New Year!