by Rab Bruce’s Spider

You have to feel sorry for pro-EU voters in England. Scots have the SNP and the Welsh have Plaid Cymru, but who on earth do English voters vote for in the upcoming EU elections?

The Lib Dems are trying to cash in on their pro-EU status, but most voters know that the Lib Dems are, in practice, Tory enablers who are quite happy to tell lies. Would you really want to vote for them?

That leaves the greens, but whether they can gather enough support on their limited resources is very doubtful. Hopefully enough English voters will put their cross against them anyway, but England has never shown much support for Green ideas, so I’m not holding out much hope.

And then, of course, there is the question of whether it matters anyway. Latest polling suggest the pro-Brexit parties have a healthy majority of support. Nigel Farage has shown that a great many people in England are attracted to his brand of xenophobic nationalism and will no doubt vote for him whichever party he represents. Labour continue to try to pretend they are not pro-Brexit in the hope of fooling some of their traditional supporters, while the Tories, although they are tanking in the polls, would no doubt see a victory for Farage as justification for forging ahead with Brexit no matter how disastrous it might prove for everyone except the very wealthy.

Judging from Farage’s television appearances over the past few days, he is adopting the same loud-mouthed, populist, fact free approach of Donald Trump and other, earlier fascists, and a large section of the English voting public is lapping it up.

How long before the majority of Scots recognise that becoming a normal country is the only sensible option?