by Rab Bruce’s Spider

The pro-Johnson propaganda has gone into overdrive, ably aided by the UK media giving platforms to any politician brazen enough to declare support and completely misrepresent Johnson’s achievements during his first stint in office. What’s really dismaying about this is that a lot of people will fall for it, and the same out-of-touch extremists who elected Liz Truss as PM are likely to support Johnson.

The apparent alternative is Rishi Sunak, although the colour of his skin will certainly count against him among the tory Party membership.

As for the rest of us, it has come to something when a multi-millionaire who despises the poor is probably the best Prime Minister we can hope for.

As far as Scotland is concerned, I’m almost tempted to say we should back Boris Johnson because he will undoubtedly make such a mess of things that it will boost the case for Scotland to become a normal, self-governing country. The trouble with that idea is the pain and damage he will cause.

Of course, that highlights the other problem we face. Far too many people base their political thinking on very short term views which directly affect them. Support for Scottish independence may rise if Johnson returns as PM, and it may fall if Sunak or some other extremist takes the reins, but that entirely misses the point that it is the structure of UK democracy which is the problem. The individual acting as PM is not the cause of our dire situation; it is that we are chained to a political structure which allows Westminster to exploit our country while simultaneously trying to persuade us that we have nothing worth exploiting.

The sooner we get away from this toxic union, the better.