by Rab Bruce’s Spider

So the EU Withdrawal Bill has passed through the UK Parliament, complete with the Power Grab clause which will allow Westminster to neuter the Scottish Parliament in order to fully exploit Scotland’s resources so they can bolster the failing economy of post-Brexit UK. All the fuss about the unelected Lords making a difference, all the bluster of the Tory rebels and all the sanctimonious twaddle from Labour about a Brexit that works, came to nothing as the Tories rammed through their dream of isolationism and xenophobia.

Where does this leave Scotland? Quite frankly, there doesn’t seem to be much that can halt Brexit now. The Irish Border issue may yet scupper things, but that’s looking increasingly unlikely. If the Tories can turn a blind eye to Parliamentary sovereignty, they can surely persuade enough Labour MPs to back them in order to override the concerns of the DUP.

Apart from that, only independence can prevent Scotland from being dragged down with the rest of the UK. Let’s hope Nicola Sturgeon has got a sound strategy worked out because there is little doubt Theresa May will refuse to agree to a referendum.

The future is looking messy, whatever happens, but a future as a normal country, difficult as it might be, surely can’t be as bleak as the future that awaits us if we pay heed to the media and stick with the UK.