by Rab Bruce’s Spider

As usual, the arguments being put forward by Unionists about the Power Grab are designed to cloud the real issue. They claim it cannot be a Power grab because the Scottish Government currently has no control over decision-making by the EU. If the powers don’t currently reside at Holyrood, how can Westminster be grabbing them?

It’s a semantic argument and misses the real point of the issue.

Quite simply, if Westminster retains control of these powers after Brexit, they will be able to override the Scottish Government on issues like fracking, food quality standards, GM crops, animal welfare and more. To say that it will only be for a period of seven years is a red herring. Look at the damage done to society by the Tories in the past eight years. If anyone thinks Scotland will be able to reverse seven years of Tory control over our environment, they must have been asleep since 2010.

So, whether you want to call it a Power Grab or anything else, it’s vitally important that it does not happen. And the way things are going, there’s only one possible way of escaping it.